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Recent Acquisitions


Palmer Museum of Art
May 5-August 9, 2015

With this installment of Recent Acquisitions, the Palmer Museum of Art offers a selection of American and European prints that range more than four centuries in date. The earliest is a full-page woodcut, titled The Last Judgment, which was once bound in the Nuremberg Chronicle, published by Anton Koberger in 1493. Other Old Master prints include a posthumous portrait of the German printmaker Heinrich Aldegrever by Simon Frisius, one of Marcantonio Raimondi's audacious engravings after Albrecht Dürer, and a woodcut depicting Christ carrying his cross from Sebald Beham's 1521 Passion series. Two closely related views of pre-Haussmann Paris, representing distinct factions of the etching revival in France, complement a pair of intaglios of a Nova Scotia inn executed two years apart by American etching revivalist Stephen Parrish. A bit of humor is added to the exhibition with a couple of early nineteenth-century caricatures of the British royal family by Charles Williams and George Cruikshank and a lithograph depicting a crowded Coney Island beach drawn by Mabel Dwight in 1928.


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